Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tony’s Arbroath Smokies

Having been brought up in NorthWest London, I now live in Surrey. So if I tell that the only fish restaurant I still eat at on a regular basis (OK, semi-regular) is across London in Finchley that should give you an idea of how insanely wonderful it is. There are queues down the street on a regular basis and I have never, ever, ever had anything less than wonderful food there. The restaurant in question is Two Brothers (297/303 Regent's Park Road, N3 1DP).

The only problem is that I simply HAVE to order the Arbroath Smokies. No question. Absolutely. Either as a starter or main course. Have even considered ordering it for both. For years I have tried to duplicate the recipe and, even when close, have never quite managed it.

I have now come across the recipe from the source. I am in HEAVEN.

Tony’s Arbroath Smokies
Serves 2

Two Arbroath smokies, preferably cold smoked (or smoked haddock for cheat’s version)
2 tomatoes
4oz strong cheddar cheese
Double cream
Black pepper

  1. Take smokies off the bone and flake.
  2. Place in small, shallow ovenproof bowl.
  3. Grate cheddar on top.
  4. Peel and deseed the tomatoes, chop into small pieces and add.
  5. Douse with double cream, enough nearly to cover.
  6. Place under grill for 5 min until cheese is bubbling.
  7. Grind black pepper on top to taste.
  8. Serve.

Note: ‘Smokies’ are whole wood-smoked haddock with the backbone still intact. They are still produced in small family smokehouses in the east coast fishing town of Arbroath in Scotland. They are well worth the trouble of find as no other smoked haddock comes close to the flavour.

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